Med Massage Durham


Med Massage Durham has moved!

Beginning 1/21/24, all appointments will take place at 3500 Westgate Dr, Ste 504, Durham, NC 27707, which is conveniently located inside Health Touch,
across the street from Southsquare Target

Welcome to Med Massage Durham. You've just landed at the best (and only) medical massage practice in the City of Medicine centered on providing care and healing touch for other healthcare professionals. Of course we see every(body) who needs us as well. Our goal is to support and care for you as you support and care for others. We use the highest quality medical massage techniques to get to the root cause of whatever's going on and tailor each and every session to your wants and needs to get you back out there providing the best care possible. Burn-out is real. Compassion fatigue is pervasive. It's time to treat your needs just as devotedly as you do those of your patients.

We intimately know the struggles of those in healthcare and are well suited to provide care and healing touch to other providers. We love working with other massage therapists, chiropractors, physicians, nurses, dentists, and physical therapists. We are also trained to assist those with chronic pain, TMJ, headaches/migraines, frozen shoulder, scar tissue, plantar fasciitis, lymphedema, and autoimmune conditions. Our work can best be described as very specific and anatomically accurate yet smooth and deeply relaxing.

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